1k A Day Fast Track Review | What Is Fast Track and How Does It Work?


It is the 1K A day Fast Track course is an affiliate marketing course that helps people earn a significant passive income via affiliate marketing. The purpose of the program is to ensure that participants can earn at least $1,000 per day. In the next thorough review, you will learn more about this exciting digital curriculum.

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What is 1k A Day Fast Track?

This 1K A day Fast Track affiliate marketing curriculum is a six-week course. There’s no general instruction here; instead, you’ll learn to make an online site with two pages and an online survey (yes/no questions) to promote certain affiliate products, while creating an email database.

Although this method isn’t a new one however, it’s widely utilized and has been proven to be effective by a variety of affiliate marketers.

Merlin Holmes earns eight figures each year through this method. It is not necessary to create any templates since they’re already in place. Templates for swipes on landing websites advertising, email follow-up, and follow-ups are also available.

Merlin Holmes has expressly said that you should follow his advice and not conduct things in your own way in order to succeed. However, he is always willing to address any questions you may have.

Since you’ll be provided with exact templates provided for you, you won’t be required to make any guesswork or try to test yourself.

Who Is Merlin Holmes? Is He Someone We Can Trust?

Merlin Holmes is the brains behind Merlin Holmes is the brains behind 1K A Day Fast Track program. He claims to be the founder of a multi-million-dollar internet company, which has generated more than fifteen million dollars of affiliate marketing revenues in the past 15 years.

He tried a range of ways to make money online, including multi-level marketing and search engine optimization and more however none proved to be effective.

He boasts of having over 25 years of web-based marketing experience, with an average of $14K in just one day.

Despite the fact that there aren’t any evidence to support his claims, other than pictures of his accounts with affiliate networks One thing is apparent from the Fast Tracks webinar: Merlin Holmes isn’t a sham and is able to make income via affiliate marketing.

Does This Program Work?

Anyone, even beginners, are capable of following the instructions of Merlin. Furthermore, examples of the profits made by Merlin using the same method are available. Therefore, it’s a successful strategy.

If you already have an account on the internet however are likely to have better chances of getting the results promised as compared to total novices in affiliate marketing. Additionally, every person’s results are individual.

Therefore, prior to buying this software, it is recommended to review the testimonials and reviews of other members.

Here are a few of the problems you’ll be able to solve after you’ve completed the course:

  • You’re trying to find a way to earn more money than your job.
  • Are you unhappy with your current work environment or your employer.
  • Looking to earn enough cash to travel, spend or even own your own home in addition to other things.
  • There’s not enough cash to cover all your requirements.
  • Inability to earn a passive income.
  • I’m interested to learn more about affiliate marketing.
  • I’m trying find out the details regarding email marketing.

What Is Fast Track and How Does It Work?

Merlin Holmes teaches the value of email marketing in greater detail and offers the various strategies and resources that you will require for your affiliate marketing company and creates engaging material in his 1-day Speed Track course.

Even though the lessons are split by six months, you could finish the whole course in less time.

It all boils down to your dedication and determination to master this course. You can develop a successful internet business when you follow the steps.

Here’s how the Fast Tracks works:

Learn how to conduct studies and determine the most well-known affiliate deals. The Fast Track review will teach you how to become an effective network marketer by using all the tools needed. Just pay attention to the lessons given.

Products: You’ll be taught how to market your product in the most effective possible way in the online market. This is crucial since various items are required by your potential customers and you should know what you should offer.

Improve your headlines by understanding how to write headlines that are captivating. Find a unique method of engaging the viewer with surveys, for example.

It is one of the most efficient methods to increase traffic and gather emails, without becoming too intrusive and taking only a tiny period of your users.

Email marketing Make an email list as well as an landing page for marketing emails using the templates for email. This is one of the most vital aspects of your company and the growth of your client relationships.

This basic training program offers a fantastic opportunity to master everything you should be aware of paid advertising and big income-generating strategies.

Remember that the one-day Fast Track course is just 6 weeks in length, but you could use the information you receive to increase the profits of any internet company you run in the future.

Each strategy can be modified however the most crucial aspect you’ll be taught is how to build an email list that is as flawless as the pros.

Week-by-Week Training Breakdown:

Merlin Holmes presented money-making tactics and techniques in his six-week course The Fast Tracks, which you can use to make cash online.

Fast Tracks Fast Tracks covers everything from selecting the ideal affiliate deal to increasing your email list to designing high-converting landing pages that draw people to your site.

This is a week-by week schedule of training of 1K A Day’s Fast Track

The first week of the HTML0 program (9 Lektions): Merlin kicks off this course with a welcome video which he provides you with an overview of the entire program and explains how to benefit from it. He then demonstrates how to set up an account with ClickBank, set up a ClickBank account, get an affiliate link, and then earn your first online commission within a matter of minutes.

week 2- (9 Lektions): Merlin discusses methods for creating lists and demonstrates how to integrate an answer-to-question YES/NO in your sales funnel and landing page. These strategies are on the shoulder, making them easy to follow.

week Three (9 Lektions): Merlin shows everything you need to create your first email marketing campaign that is successful. Merlin provides tried-and-tested email templates that you could apply to your email marketing campaign to turn subscribers to customers.

week 4 (5 lessons): This week shows you how to make income online with ClickBank or other affiliate platforms by employing the most effective strategies and ideas. These methods will give you an edge over people who are just beginning and don’t have any formal training.

week Five (4 courses): These lessons will show you how to draw potential customers on your website in order to increase the amount of money you earn. These courses will aid you in attracting more people to your site.

week 6 (5 lessons): You’ve already received your first payment this week and Merlin teaches you how to improve your performance by finding additional high-converting deals on ClickBank as well as another affiliate network to increase your income.

Overall, the Fast Tracks is an excellent course that will show the basics you must know about creating affiliate sales using email marketing, and turning them into a lucrative online career.

The Benefits:

  • The following benefits are included by this course:
  • Earning a substantial amount of money just by working a few minutes per week.
  • Merlin will show you how you can get hundreds of dollars of commission every day.
  • If you are able to keep your full-time job, you may be able to use this program to increase your earnings.
  • The creator encourages you to keep your focus on the primary goal of making income. This could keep you focus and accomplish your goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Through this course you could earn more money in a shorter amount of time.
  • Learn new strategies methods, strategies, and approaches to make cash online that you weren’t aware of previously.
  • You’ll be taught how to pick the most profitable product to market in order to earn the highest profit. Also, you’ll learn about the most popular products and the reason they’re popular.
  • This course will help you learn how to write headlines that will draw the attention of potential customers.
  • The money you earn by learning the lessons you’ve learned through this course will enable you to fulfill your needs and travel to places that you’ve only dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it Really Possible for Me to Earn $1000? If you are able to adhere to the guidelines on the training course, then you could earn $1000 while sitting at your home with your computer. To make this happen it is necessary to obviously work hard.

Q What is the cost for The 1k A Day Fast Track? A: The current price (1K-A Day) Fast Track currently costs $997. I’m not certain if the price will increase in the future. I suggest buying it before the price rises.

Q Do you have a money-back assurance for 1K A Day Fasttrack? A 1K A Day Fast Track 1K A Day Fast Track program is excellent in quality. However, if you think that the program isn’t appropriate for you or doesn’t satisfy your requirements you’ll have 30 days to request an entire refund.


  • It is a beginner-friendly program which makes it perfect for those who are new to the program.
  • It’s financially rewarding.
  • It saves you time. It takes only several hours to earn cash.
  • A sales funnel and autoresponder templates are provided which makes the work of the user simpler.
  • Beginning students will benefit from the number of weeks set to them for training.
  • It contains all of the information needed to earn money online using email marketing.
  • This is a great course for those who are just beginning to quickly master affiliate marketing.
  • This is among the most effective methods for quick creation of affiliate commissions.
  • Autoresponder and sales funnel templates are provided.
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee.


  • If you’re one of them, this cost ($997) could be too costly. This is not something everyone can afford.
  • Because the results of the creator’s creation aren’t typical and newcomers shouldn’t expect similar outcomes.
  • It is not possible to alter or modify the instruction. The author suggests to follow his exact procedures.
  • Some may feel that the introduction webinar is too long. However, the information within is essential.
  • The designer isn’t responsible for failure to achieve the desired results due to the fact that you didn’t follow instructions.
  • It’s not possible to play around with your own. There are templates that exist. This could stop your from being creative.
  • In the end systems that offer done-for-you services may not be suitable. If you’re committed to your business, you’ll require a couple of specific skills, instead of having everything ready for you.
  • A budget should be laid out to run sponsored ads as well as purchasing more software.
  • The claims of income seem to be exaggerated.


After conducting extensive research I strongly suggest anyone looking to earn money online to buy 1K A Day fast track.

Marketing via email has the highest ROI (ROI) it is also the most economical way to promote an item.

Every day, at least many people are checking their email. Increased sales, and consequently higher profits, could be made through advertising to the right people. This course was created by a teacher with over 16 years’ experience.

If you compare it to other online courses This one is unique. It was evident that the students had amazing results following the course. Students were earning more than $1000 a day following the course.

In any case there is no reason to regret it if you decide that this program isn’t worth the investment or does not give you the earnings you are hoping for. The program comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a full return, with no questions.


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