The Way You Do the Modern Carpet Cleaning

Modern carpet cleaning supposes to have the high quality services in cleaning carpets of different types and sizes. You will have the clean and aromatic carpet, safe and shiny, as it must be. You are offered to have different services in cleaning your accommodations and offices for the adequate price.

Cleaning Service is What You Need!

The competent puhastusteenused with the well-known name pays much attention to every client’s wish and need. They gained their reputation due to the hard work,Guest Posting ethics, professionalism. You will always come back, anytime for every cleaning need. It is well-known fact that the high standards always takes you to the best result. Thus, every cleaning company wants to give you only high quality services. All cleaning problems are solved easily and with the best effective way.

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Every Client is Important

Client oriented service is always successful. This is about 100% guarantees for clients to feel great after cleaning and absolutely happy. What does it mean for the cleaning company? As a rule, if the clients are happy, if they are attracted with many sales, special client oriented programs, they always come back to ask for more and more cleaning. This is a model of successful business.

Popular Methods of Modern Carpet Cleaning

The five main carpet cleaning methods are:


Shampoo method supposes to use the cleaning machine, equipped with the cleaning brush. Shampoo or other cleaning materials is applied over the carpet surface to interfere deep into the carpet base. Then, the cleaning materials must be brushed and washed out of the carpet surface. This method is good for all commercial carpets that are not the high quality. As a rule, commercial carpets are not afraid of water. Of course, it takes some time to dry the carpet as it cannot be used in wet.

There can be another variant of using shampoo with no water. You can use cleaning machine to apply the cleaning shampoo over the carpet surface. It takes some time to wait until the shampoo foam will be dried out to remove it with another brush. Again, the method of shampoo cleaning is recommended to use only for commercial needs.

Dry Foam

This method is close to the shampoo cleaning method. It also supposes to use special cleaning foam and deep brush. The difference is in using Dry Foam machines. It helps to spend no time for drying after cleaning. As a rule, Dry Foam machines can dry the carpet automatically. This is in-build function. The method is also not a perfect cleaning measure. It is not recommended for deep cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning is predicted to clean the carpet in the driest way. Of course, the special machine is used. There is also a special cleaning spray that must be applied over the carpet surface. There is no water. So, you don’t need much time for drying. As a rule, the result is always brilliant. From the other hand, this method is not enough to remove heavy pollutions. Actually, dry carpet cleaning is like the in-between variant. Strong pollutions need deeper cleaning.

Dry Powder

This is the way when cleaning process is done with the help of powder. The cleaning powder is a sort of cleaning substance that is used to clean your carpet with the help of brush. You should apply it and wait until it dries. Then, you may use vacuum cleaner to remove the dry powder from your carpet. The process is fast and effective if only your carpet is not very dirty. It cleans only 1/3 of the carpet hair. It is not deep. So, it is better to use in the offices but not at home.

Hot Water and Steam Extraction

This kind of cleaning is usually called the Hot Steam Cleaning. This is the way when the cleaning steam is applied over the carpet surface gradually, under the high pressure to be extracted and vacuumed. The dirty liquid is kept in the special reservoir for regeneration. This method is good to clean the deep pollutions, stains. This is the most preferable method for such popular carpet producers as Dupont, Monsanto and Allied Signal, Shaw, Mohawk, World and Queen. As far as this method is effective for cleaning, it is also approved by the Equipment Protect Agency (EPA). It is safe, definitely.

There is the only one minus. As a rule, old stains need more time for cleaning. They need additional applications. One more thing, your carpet takes much time for drying that is not very good for cleaning. This kind of cleaning is good for the hand-made carpets. You can clean it carefully once a year to keep it safe.

Extraction Machines

There are three basic types of extraction machines. They are:


These machines are mostly recommended for cleaning spills and light soiled pollutions. But they are not powerful enough to do the deep cleaning. You may use it for every week cleaning to prevent deep pollutions.

Professional Portables

The machines of this type are more powerful than residential units. The number and size of vacuum motors and pumps in addition to the heat exchangers makes them the most powerful and effective weapon to kill mud everywhere. There are many kinds of machines of this type. The most powerful machines may have two power cords to enable household circuits to cope. If the operator is well-trained, it takes a little time to clean everything around.

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