Caution – Real Estate House Buying Firms

You have seen them. They are posted just about everywhere these days. You will see them on billboards and you will notice them stuck in the ground at the stop light. They are on street light posts and electric poles. We Buy Houses Cash!

The signs themselves are a bit annoying in addition to cluttering up the landscape. Many times their placement is also against the law.

Due in large part to the increase in the rise of foreclosures, these advertisements are becoming more prevalent on the roadways. These signs target a group of homeowners who, for whatever reason, have found themselves in a position to want to sell their house quickly. Some of their reasons might be a pending foreclosure, divorce, probate home where cash is needed to pay the debt of the deceased, an inherited home that has become a burden or maybe even a rental home where the landlord is beat down by the calls at 2 AM to unplug a toilet.

Some of the buy houses companies are legitimate. Some are helpful and actually look out for the home seller. However, be aware that there are many unscrupulous types out there. In the event of probate or foreclosure, the event becomes public knowledge. Anyone has the right to this information. As such, you may be contacted by certain companies or individuals who will offer you protection from foreclosure. Some other we buy houses companies will offer to purchase your home for cash. And then there are those who will claim to be a certified mitigation specialist of mortgage loans who will offer to assist you in negotiating your home loan down. These are often called short sales. Most of the time it either cannot be done or the loan cannot be lowered enough to make a difference. You should be cautious of these claims. Many of them may not be genuine or trustworthy.

A legitimate buy houses type company will let you know up front that they will need to make a profit. After all, this is their business. However, they will also work with you to make the sale an all win situation for everyone. It does not have to be one sided. There are a number of different programs a legitimate company can offer you. A legitimate company will walk you through the sale, answer all questions you have. Do not be afraid to ask them to explain the sales contract. The sales contract is legally binding for both sides. It is important for you to know what you are agreeing to. In addition it is always good practice to have your real estate attorney look over your sales agreement. A legitimate company will use a reputable title company for closing. They should not be opposed to using one that you might suggest either. Check with the Better Business Bureau. See if there are any unsatisfied clients and if there are, find out why.

Although time is of the essence in a lot of situations, do not feel pressured into signing an agreement that you are not comfortable with. A reputable company will allow you to make your decision on your time not theirs. A good we buy houses company can quickly help to make a bad situation turn into a win and a huge sigh of relief to the house seller. A reputable company can take a situation gone badly and turn it into good in a matter of days. Just be aware that there are those out there not looking out for you.

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