Coaching Institutes Role in Higher Education and Need to Seek a Remedy

Coaching institutes plays a major role in training students for entrance examination to higher education. The reason is that curriculum in schools and colleges do not equip students to appear for entrance examinations.

Educational system in schools and colleges
The educational system is schools and colleges do not match with the expectations of higher education institutes. Premier institutes like IIT, IIM test students’ ability, that how far they have understood the concepts and whether they are able to apply concepts in practical.

But in educational institutions students are taught in examination point of view. System of education in India is more examination oriented. There is a system of examination and there is no system of education in India. Students memorize the concepts and reproduce in the examination. Examination tests students’ memory power only.

Role played by coaching institutes
Coaching institutes teach students the concepts in science, mathematics and similar subjects. They teach students how to apply concepts they have learned, in practical situation. What students should learn in schools is taught in coaching institutes. With the knowledge gained in schools, students are unable to get through in the entrance examinations of higher education.

Problem with coaching institutes
Of course through these institutes students are trained well in learning science concepts. But the fees they are charging are exorbitant. A report says that nearly 5000 million rupees is spent together by all students getting training in these institutes. Coaching institutes also cannot be blamed for these high fees, as they are paying handsome salary to their faculties.

Moreover as these institutes are located in cities, rural students are denied this opportunity.

Remedy to this issue
The curriculum in education should be restructured, so that it improves students’ comprehensive ability, making them to understand the concepts well and attend the entrance tests of premier institutes. Government may consider starting boarding schools having separate curriculum, where talented students are selected, admitted and trained to appear for entrance examinations. Government may consider giving subsidy to these schools and nominal fee may be charged from students. Changes in pattern of examinations should be done. Objective type questions can be introduced, to test whether the students have understood the concepts.

This may be considered as a reform in higher education in India.

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